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    Sexy Hijabs

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    What is Hijab?

    A Hijab has prevailed as the traditional veil worn by the Muslim women before the males who are outside her family. The sexy Hijabs covers the body of the women from head to chest. However, the Hijab is initially known to be a curtain or a partition but as the ages developed, it has become a women's clothing. The term Hijab as of now conforms to the modern contemporary clothing which can be used to secure the women from the eyes of the men in the public sphere denoting to the metaphysical dimension, as the veil separating the man from the God. The Hijab has grown to be a symbol of privacy and modesty and therefore, it deals with the gaze, garments, gaits, and genitalia. Some of the legal systems of the Islam define this clothing. Most of the designers across the world found the design of sexy Hijabs styles through the guidelines that are given in Quran but someone of them is extracted from the ayahs’ verses. Some people, however, believe that the Quran doesn't actually mandate people wearing Hijab. In the recent times, women were required to wear Hijab in countries like Indonesia, Iran and Saudi Arabia as well. Therefore, the demand for the Hijab has been increased with different types, being developed in different regions. Women in different parts of the world have been put under the pressure of wearing the sexy Hijabs in general as well.

    Hijab Fashion & Styles

    Most of the sexy Hijabs are the Arabic veils and are used as the headscarves worn by the women. These scarves are available in the market in different colors and styles and are mostly worn as the square scarves which cover neck and head but leaves the face out. The other type of sexy Hijabs is an al-amira, which is a two-piece veil. It contains a cap, made of polyester and cotton and a tube scarf accompanying the veil.

    Types of Hijabs

    The Shayla is another form of sexy Hijabs worn as a rectangular scarf, wrapped around the head and is pinned at the shoulders. The Khimar is a type of long veil that almost appears like a cape. The length of the Hijab covers the hair, shoulders and the neck but leaves the face.  The chador is a type of sexy Hijabs, worn by the Iranian women outside the house, as a full cloak in order to protect women from the outsiders and is accompanied by underneath scarves, that are smaller in size. The niqab is a veil given for the face and leaves the eye area clear. However, an additional eye veil can be worn along with a headscarf. The burka, mother of the Islamic veils is also a type of Hijab as it covers the entire face and the body leaving the mesh so that one can see through. That being said, at Abaya Wear, we provide Hijab fashion that is extremely beautiful and alluring. We, as a community are motived to empower the beautiful women through inspiring prints, brands and appealing aesthetics. We also provide you with Hijab pins, Hijab jewels, Hijab hats and head chains as well. Our Hijab fashion fabrics are qualitative and the prints are hand-picked with amazing scrutinization leaving you to be entirely comfortable and confident, on daily basis. We, here, collect designs from the worldwide designers and provide you with the best sexy Hijabs 2018 at affordable prices. Our sexy Hijabs can be matched with almost all kinds of dresses, including the traditional, the modern, the ethnic and even the modern high-lows and one piece as well. All you need to do is browse and select the one that suits you the most.