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Hijabs are a form of a veil which is worn by Muslim females as a symbol of modesty and privacy. They are worn by females to hide their body parts from the men who are unrelated to them. It usually covers the head and the chest.

The holy book of Islam “The Quraan” also instructs women to dress modestly. It generally refers to covering your whole body except your face, hands and feet. The traditional aim of wearing Hijab is to show the attitude of modesty and to attract a little attention to oneself.

Muslim women choose to wear Hijab because they believe that it will make them secure from any kind of sexual harassment, they find it safe and comfortable to portray a positive and an appealing image in front of other people. On the other hand, most of the women also believe that it should be the choice of women to wear Hijab or not, they must not be forced to wear it.


It is believed that Hijab is worn as a religious symbol but it is more than that. Hijab represents her devotion to god and almighty and it also depicts her connection with faith and modesty.

A woman who wears Hijab liberates herself from the selfish desire of showing off her body and to compete with other women. She does not have to live up to society’s expectations of what is desirable and she doesn’t have to show off her beauty and body to gain recognition and acceptance from society. A Hijab helps a woman to be independent and confident always.

Men often get the wrong impression that when a woman is showing off her body, it means that they want advances from them. On the other hand, wearing Hijab sends a signal to men that the wearer is modest and she has no interest to obtain any kind of advances from them. However, on the contradictory, it becomes the responsibility of men to control themselves and do not have to gain wrong impressions and do not have to act on wrong signals.

Despite these points, Hijabs are not as old-fashioned as one may think. A Muslim woman needs to be careful of her look and appearance. She does not only have to look neat but well-dressed too. It is important to behave well while wearing a Hijab because her behaviour will give an impression to the dress she is wearing and also it represents her religion as well.

The demand for cheap Hijab Boutiques is increasing day by day because of its unique design, pattern and detailed artwork. Hijabs are available in different colours and styles. Hijabs serve as a symbol of grace, elegance and beauty.

Generally, Hijab is not only of one type which includes coverage of your head and body but there are various types of Hijab which are worn by Muslim women across the world. The main types of Hijab include:


BUSSHIYA: It is a veil that is tied at the forehead and it covers the entire face. The fabric used is sheer enough to be seen through.

AL-AMIRA: It is a two-piece veil that consists of a close fitting cap which is made up of cotton and polyester. It also has a tube-like scarf.

CHADOR: It is an Iranian traditional outer garment that covers the head and the entire body. There are no slits for the hands and it is made up of fabric.

NIQAAB: It is a type of veil that covers the entire face including the head with a place cut out for the eyes.

SHAYLA: It is another form of hijab that is worn with a rectangular scarf. It is wrapped around the head and it is pinned around the shoulders.

KHIMAR: Khimar is a type of a long veil which almost looks like a cape. It covers the hairs, shoulders but leaves the face.

TURBAN: Turban is a Turkish term for Hijab. It is a form of a veil that is neatly pinned at the sides.

TUDUNG: It is a headscarf which is worn by women of Indonesia and Malaysia.

MUKENA: It is an Indonesian Hijab which is exclusively worn for the purpose of praying and performing Namaz. It is generally of pastel or white colours.

CHADARI: It is a type of an outer garment that covers your whole body. It has a grille over the face that helps the woman to look through.

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Fancy Hijab caps will sophistically cover your head and hair. Hijab caps are to be chosen with great care. They are not only worn as a symbol of modesty but it is a kind of normalizing factor that is why we pay attention at the time of selecting Hijab caps and scarfs. They are not only worn to protect the hair but can also save you from environmental hazards. However, most of the women wear black or plain Hijab hats that will make them look distracted from their appearance rather than being pretty. Therefore, there arises a need to find Hijab caps that will make you look attractive as well as modest.


Trends come and go continuously. It is essential to have pieces of jewellery that will look ethnic and unique despite changing fashions. Jewellery is nothing but an emotion. Hijab jewels will add beauty to your Hijab and will make you look royal and starry. The jewels have the tendency to make you look appealing and centre of attraction when you have worn them. Women have the habit of wearing Hijab jewels made out of different metals and stones. It is also believed that wearing jewels will help you to protect from all the negative people. Hijab jewels with different textures and designs will make you look different and charming at the same time.


It becomes very difficult to maintain your hijab every time it falls down, it is possible that it might shake your whole hijab leaving the hijab in a bad shape, you may get uncomfortable sometimes, for this purpose you can make use of Hijab Pins. Beautiful Hijab pins are of different colours and patterns and when you wear it, you will look confident as well as comfortable as there will be no fear of falling down the hijab. Also, Hijab pins provide a great deal of adopting various kinds of Hijab styles. Hijab pins will help you to put your Hijab in the right place that will provide you with a sense of contentment. Hijab pins make your hijab secure and will add more beauty to your Hijab. They come in different styles and patterns and you can select your Hijab pin according to your personal taste.


Hijab scarves are worn for different purposes. It may be worn just to protect our hair from dirt, wind, cold, to hide baldness or out of modesty. Hijab scarves are worn in different styles and patterns making your Hijab more attractive. It may also be worn for religious and cultural purposes. Hijab scarves reflect your behaviour when you portray yourself in front of God. Hijab underscarves will increase beauty and will make you look more gorgeous. Hijab scarves are extremely preferable because they go with all your clothes. You do not have to go to the parlour to set your hair when you are having a bad hair day, all you have to do is tie a scarf around your head and go to your party or festival celebration. Buy Hijab online and you will not only save your money but you can look more attractive and beautiful. They will make you super comfortable as you do not have to be conscious at all while wearing them.

Thus, we are convinced that Hijab doesn’t only show the devotion towards religion but also serves as a symbol of fashion and inner beauty. Hijab opens so many doors than it closes, socially as well as spiritually. You will be able to receive blessings from God by obeying wisely to his commands. Hijabs allow Muslim women to not impress anyone except God when she is outside her home.

In Islam, a woman is known for her knowledge, piety and contribution towards the society. In western countries, people waste a lot of money on plastic surgeries just to look attractive and compete with other women out there. They believe that the physical traits of a woman’s body will help her to gain attention and recognition from the outer world. A woman wearing Hijab believes that the physical traits of a woman’s body are secondary attributes and what matters to her is her knowledge, talent and belief towards her almighty.