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Modest Burkini Swimwear
Popularly known as Muslim swimsuits, Burkini is a traditional adaptation of swimsuits. We have a collection for kids as well as the ladies in the house. Go grab them now!

Modest Burkini Swimwear And Beachwear

Burkini is a modest swimwear for women. It covers the whole body except the face hands and feet. Revolutionizing the swimwear for the ladies out there, Abayawear has got a collection of burkinis swimwear. With a variety of colors and patterns, we have much to spoil you. Just like the Butterfly Abaya designs  provide comfort and fashion at the same time, butterfly printed flexible burkinis provides fashion and satisfies the purpose at the same time. There is no need to add the fancy Hijab caps to the swimsuit extra now, it has an attached cap that fits really well during swimming. These caps also aren’t so tight. They have a flexible neckline.

Stylish Covered Burkini For Kids

We also have kids Burkini swimsuit for the toddler girls for a stylish swim time look. Kids love these burkiniwears with caps. Swimsuit for kids has to be designed with care, keeping in mind the most comfortable fabric and the most attractive designs. They love to flaunt these with their friends while at a pool party or swim class. Thus we have an attractive variety of kids burkini swimsuit too. Get these on our burkini sale of the season.

Frock Style vs Straight Cut Burkini Online

Many like Jubah Abaya terkini better than regular abaya. The same is the case with frock style burkinis and straight cut burkinis. Frock style adds an extra layer to the swimsuit, which is desired by many but a hurdle to some. So for them, we have straight cut burkini so that they can have their hassle-free swimming. You can choose the styles freely and don’t worry about the pattern variety at Abayawear burkini shop.

Buy Burkini Swimwear At Discounted Prices

With the discount on every kind of Abaya including the classic Black Abaya and wonderful white Abaya dress, Abayawear has attractive discounts on Burkini for sale. Wear them as swimwear and you will experience no less than a normal swimsuit. If you don’t compromise with the material and want the variety to choose from, then you are in the right place. In your kids' range, we have stylish printed burkinis and also elegant geometrical printed burkinis. Plain burkinis are an evergreen choice so how can we forget them? In the adult collection, we have frock style and straight cut burkinis with options of floral print or plain. The plain versions also come in dual color. All these varieties at prices you cannot imagine! Go check out the burqini for sale now! We have up to 30% discount on all types of Burkini.