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White Abaya Dress:

White is a positive and a pure colour which signifies cleanliness, faith, understanding, brilliance and protection. It spreads calmness and serenity in the atmosphere. White is such a colour which is loved by everyone.

Wearing white from head to toe will deliver a bold but classy look that has an instant ability. It is a perfect transitional colour which will keep you cool and will make you look elegant. It makes your fashion dreams turn into an achievable reality.

It will serve as a great combination of modernism and modesty. Muslim females wear this Abaya all over the world as a symbol of religiousness. They will avail you to deliver a sophisticated look that is pleasing for the eyes. These garments are made with lightweight fabric that will give an aesthetic appeal to a woman’s body.

Black Abaya would not be appropriate for the summer season as it absorbs the heat and you won't be comfortable in that. White Abaya dress will absorb less heat and keeps you comfortable and fresh.

White Abayas depicts the symbol of beauty, elegance and fashion. Muslim women love to pick White Abayas with different styles and patterns that will create an impressive look. Different styles and patterns of white Abaya are gaining popularity day by day. Some patterns of White Abaya include:

Casual Open White Abaya:

Open White Abayas are popular because of its cultural design and pattern. An Open White style Abaya can be worn in the mosque.

In most of the countries who follow Islam, these Abayas are worn by teachers at government schools. These are the Abayas which are preferred and accepted by every woman because it covers all the patterns and styles of a perfect Abaya. The buttons on the front can give us the option of whether to wear this Abaya closed or open. This Abaya comes with the matching belt and Hijab. It will complete your look and will make you look classy and pretty.

Amira Abaya Caftan Abaya:

These Abayas are made up of Chiffon material which makes you comfortable and effortless. They come with long sleeves which are gold beaded which gives a royal and glittery look. They are gaining popularity day by day because of its unique style. You can wear this Abaya in every season. The outfit is loose-fitting by nature and so it becomes comfortable and easy to carry. You can wear it in any occasion such as an engagement party, birthday party. They will give you an elegant look and will help you to become the centre of attraction.

Modern Trench Coat Style White Abaya:

These Abayas are trendy because they are stylish. They can fulfil your everyday needs. You can style this coat in two ways, open and closed. You can look simple and attractive with the shoulder puff designs You can wear this Abaya at work also. Two functional round buttons and Two side pockets are available for better utility. They are made up of 100% pure polyester which makes the coat more relaxed and contented. You will make a positive impression of yourself by wearing this simple yet stylish trench coat style White Abaya.

Best Bi- Slit Shrill White Abaya:

White slit shrill abaya will help you to modernize your look. This Abaya is ready to wear garment with your jeans. There is a dual slit design at the front with full-length cover at the back. These Abayas are made up of premium quality of cotton material. These Abayas are comfortable to wear and you can wear it on every occasion. They are stylish and will give you a sense of contentment. Thus, you can look modest as well as modern.

Designer Rabab Poplin White Abaya:

Rabab poplin Abaya is the best traditional pick for ceremonies and prayers. It has a round neckline with detailed embroidery on the front. It has straight sleeves which gives a neat look to the Abaya. There are pockets on the sides for better utility. These Abayas will make you look well dressed and tidy. You will experience immense satisfaction by wearing these Abayas. These Abayas will avail you to throw more sophisticated look that is pleasing for the eyes.

Hence, these White Abayas will definitely fetch a compliment for your rich sense of style and fashion. Fashion has an important place in everyone’s lives. When you wear this Abayas, you can look fashionable and humble. So, advance your wardrobe by wearing these cool White Abayas which are comfortable as well as modest.