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Designer Abaya Dress for Women
Find the latest and modern Abaya dresses online on Abayawear. Here we have a range of elegant and modern abaya online with embroidered, patchwork, net-work, beaded, laced and many varieties to choose from. Traditional or modern, printed or designer, Abayawear has every option for you!

Abaya: History And Its Evolution Over The Years.

Abaya serves as a symbol of modesty and integrity. Over the years, the simple Abayas are worn by women of Saudi Arabia but as of now it has become a new trend and is worn all over the world. It is believed that Abaya existed as long as about 4000 years ago. Abaya was first worn by the females of Mesopotamia. Before Islam, women who wore Abayas were seen as luxurious women from a well-to-do family who did not have to work. They were distinguished from maids and prostitutes who were not allowed to cover their bodies.

Later, Abaya served as a symbol of modesty and privacy. It represents a proud tradition of a deeply respected culture. The best type of fabric used for making an Abaya is Nidha. It is 100% polyester which is best for hot weather. Abaya is also made up of other materials such as Linen Abaya, Chiffon Abaya, Pure crepe, Jersey Abaya etc.

Traditional Abaya dresses consist of a long flowing robe which has full sleeves and is of full length so no part of women’s body is visible to anyone. In the Middle-East area, the simple Abaya designs are worn by local women. In many countries, women find it comfortable and convenient to wear as it serves as a perfect way to cover their bodies, where only hands, feet and face is visible.

Why Abaya Is Worn?

The religious book of Islam (i.e) Holy Quraan has several verses that say that wearing Abaya is prominent and essential for Muslim females.

Verse 1:

“O Prophet, please ask your wives and daughters, and the believing women to cover themselves with a loose garment. They will, thus, be recognised and no harm will come to them.”

Thus, from the above verse, it is derived that it is very crucial for women to hide their body parts from the men who are not related to them. It is believed that Abaya has existed for more than 4000 years and it is worn by Muslim females not only to hide their body but also they believe it as a fashion symbol.

Evolution of Abaya:

In the early 1970s and 1980s, only black colour was available in Abaya. It was used for the same purpose as Burkha. Nowadays, due to the increase in demand of Abaya, variation in colours and styles took place. Elegant Abayas online are available in multiple colours and different styles. Abaya can serve as a great outfit for every occasion, may it be festival, marriage, birthday or anniversary, it will help you to be the centre of attraction and it will help you to stand out the crowd.

Fashion Abayas are a pleasing mixture of great design, perfect embroidery, foremost patterns and detailed artwork. Abayas are generally light in weight and thus it makes them easy to carry and they are the most durable and stylish outfit a woman can ever wear. Abaya depicts the symbol of grace, fashion and elegance. Muslim women love to wear it in different styles and patterns that will create an impressive look. Abaya designs are the combination of dark colours, traditional themes and creative cuts that every woman is looking to wear.

Abaya and Burqa are not the same. Abaya is a loose garment that does not cover your whole body, while burqa does cover your whole body including the face. A burqa is a form of Islamic dress that conceals the most. Abayas have grown significantly over the years. Today we can have different types of Abaya style dresses which will help you to look astonishing and unique. Various types of designs, styles and embroideries are incorporated to create stunning pieces. The modern styles and patterns of Abaya are gaining popularity day by day. It will not only serve as a symbol of modesty and respect but its leading and foremost designs make it a fashion symbol for many women. Some major types of Abaya include:

Butterfly Abaya Designs

Butterfly Abaya is the most distinguished and notable design of Abaya. Butterfly Abaya is designed by prominent and leading designers. They come with different patterns, textures and additions. They are suitable for every occasion such as birthday parties, marriage or anniversary. It will help you to cover your whole body as well as it will help you to stand out the crowd and look attractive. Women who are tired of wearing Plain Black Abaya every day, this Abaya will fulfill all their desires with their amazing pattern and design and will give a sublime appeal to you. Butterfly Abayas come in different colours.

Affordable Open Abaya

Open Abaya is said to be the exquisite and finest garments worn by women. They have the inbuilt ability to keep women fashionable and comfortable always. You can wear Long Open Abaya at the mosque. In most of the countries who follow Islam, teachers wear open Abaya at government schools. Open Abayas are famous and leading because of its ethnic pattern and style. New patterns and designs are coming into existence. These are the Abayas which is admired and preferred by every woman as it covers all the styles and patterns of an ideal Abaya.

White Abaya Dress

White Abayas are considered as a present-day Abaya and if you are tired by wearing black coloured Abaya with same design and pattern every day, White Abaya Dress will give you the sense of comfort and will make you unique and attractive. You can present yourself more smoothly and stylish. It will bring royalty to your appearance without compromising its functionality. White Abayas are classy and convenient and you can rock any occasion by wearing this Abaya.

Elegant Jubah Dress

When it comes to style, comfort plays an essential role. Jubah dresses are worn by both men and women over the years. You will experience immense satisfaction by wearing these dresses. Jubah dresses were initially introduced as a traditional garment and it has been gaining appreciation since then. This outfit is of loose-fitting by nature. Maxi dresses have been inspired by Jubah dresses. The greatest thing about this Abaya is that you can wear it in every season. Earlier, these dresses were only preferred by men and women of older age but nowadays, these dresses have become the favourite choice of youth also and thus designers are coming with better style and patterns. These dresses will avail you a sophisticated look that is pleasing for the eyes.

Open Abaya Kimono

Kimono will serve as a great combination of modernism and modesty. Open Kimono Abaya will help you to deliver smart and casual looks. You need not compromise on modesty while you “dress to impress”.Muslims all over the world wear these garments as a symbol of religiousness and modesty. These garments are made with lightweight fabric that will hang loosely and can give an aesthetic appeal to a woman’s body. You can wear Abaya Kimono at every occasion because they hold a universal appeal to all. If you want to upgrade your wardrobe, get this Abaya kimono that will make you look gorgeous and splendid.

Designer Long Cardigan Abaya

Abaya Cardigan is the most stylish and convenient type of Abaya. You can flaunt it on every occasion. There is an elastic belt on the waist that gives the proper shape to your look. It is one of the more modern designs and it gives you flexibility by availing you to wear it as per your comfort. It will give a generous effect with one-sided pleated long sleeves. This type of Abaya is generally worn by women during Ramadan as it is modest wear and suits all type of rituals performed during Ramadan.

Elegant Draped Abaya

This type of Abaya is designed for special occasions. It is a very comfortable design that allows the wearer free movement especially with the soft and smooth fabric that supports your skin. It is elegantly tailored for fashion-forward women. As fashion is evolving day by day, Draped Abaya will serve as an epitome of class and beauty. Leggings will be the best choice that will go with this Abaya. There are no buttons on the front and therefore there will be no worries of the button to come out.

Two Piece Abaya

It is one of the prominent types of Abaya. It’s a 2-in-1 Abaya. You can wear it like Closed Abaya as well as Abaya Cardi. You can flaunt this Abaya on every occasion. It is a very comfortable and convenient form of Abaya.

Abaya is the most flexible and convenient apparel. It should have a place in every Muslim girl’s wardrobe. You can put it over your pyjamas and head to any party, we also have party abayas. It will look like you have spent hours to get ready but the reality is that it didn’t take half a minute to get ready, but it will still make you look classy and attractive.

So you should stop worrying about which top will go with which jeans and what you should wear for the upcoming party? .It is evergreen and royal and you can rock any occasion by wearing this outfit.